Non- Invasive Laser Removal

Duration : 45 – 60 minutes

Benefits/ Suitable for :
Wish to remove red or black eyebrow
Wish to reshape and redo a more natural eyebrow

What is Non- Invasive Laser Removal?
We are using a laser light to breaks down the ink into tiny fragments that those white blood cells can pick up and carry away for removal. Most tattoos need an average of 4 -8 sessions to remove them. Some may take longer than this due to certain inks being harder to break down, or depending on each person’s body and their immune system. Repeated treatments will penetrate deeply to break down the ink, making the process much faster.

This procedure can remove unwanted color with no downtime at all. Client still can draw their eyebrows the next day and most importantly it does not affect your eyebrow hair growth at all !