Duration : 90 – 120 minutes
Best for: Anyone who wants brows to look more bold and filled in.

Benefits / Suitable for :
Oily & Sensitive Skin
Very little hair
Want a fuller and define looking brows
Cover up previous tattoo

What is Microshading?
Microshading uses a manual tool to create tiny dots of pigment to add volume to the brows to create the illusion of fuller, thicker brows.
First, to apply Microblading then add-on Microshading especially the end brows or area that less of hair.

It could benefit from a combo of Microshading and Microblading. It achieved a fuller and yet natural looking brows.

How long Microshading lasts:
You’ll need a touch-up within 3 months. Then, Microshading can last anywhere from 12 months to three years, depending on your lifestyle.
*One free touch-up is provided within 3 months.